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RICOH360 Tours Can Expand Your Business' Possibilities

By making use of virtual tours in your sales activities, you can efficiently introduce properties to prospective clients both online and offline.

Start Presenting Properties at Anyplace and Anytime


Improve Your Rate of Entering Negotiations

With virtual tours you can provide clients with simulated property viewings before they make the trip in person, allowing you to raise their interest in a property before even showing them around on-site.By attracting clients with pre-established interest in your properties, you can expect the rate at which you enter further negotiations (private viewings) to increase.


Improve Your Closing Rate

If you provide your clients with a virtual tour URL after a meeting, they can go through a simulated property viewing at home whilst talking it over with their family or roommates, who can help guide them toward a decision.


Improve Your Sales Efficiency

With virtual tours you can present properties as if you were all there in person.Furthermore, with web conferencing tools you can carry out negotiations online too, so you never need to miss a sales opportunity, and can efficiently present properties regardless of the time, place, weather, or resources available to you.

Useful Features for Making Sales

✅Share Function
Virtual tours you create are issued a unique URL that can be shared via websites, web portals, social media, and so on.Embed tag functionality is also supported.

✅Excellent Customizability
You can add your company logo for branding purposes, as well as add annotations.You can create the right virtual tours for your business.

✅Analyzation Tools
You have the ability to analyze what kind of properties your clients are interested in.Gain insight on your clients and make use of that information in your business.

✅AI Staging
Empty rooms in our virtual tours are automatically furnished using AI technology.Take care of the arduous home staging process with just one button press, allowing your clients to visualize their new home and bring them closer to finalizing the deal.

✅Web Pages for Properties
When you create a virtual tour for a property, a unique web page listing its name, address, and other details will automatically be created.This is a handy feature that you can email to clients for their consideration.

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Utilizing in Online Negotiations

By making use of virtual tours together with teleconferencing tools, you can quickly turn an inquiry from a client into actual online negotiations.Walking clients through a property on a virtual tour allows you to proceed with negotiating a deal as if you were on-site at the property itself. Virtual tours are very useful for online negotiations with clients that have difficulty accessing distant businesses and properties themselves.

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Utilizing in Face-to-face Sales

Giving clients the means to examine a variety of properties to help them come to a decision is crucial for improving closing rates.With virtual tours you can present more properties to clients in the form of simulated property viewings. Furthermore, these simulated property viewings narrow down the client's choices. Meaning that when the time comes for on-site property viewings, you can present only those with a high chance of closing, allowing both parties to make more effective use of their time.

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Pursue Clients by Offering Virtual Tours

When you've failed to secure a property viewing with a client, you can instead offer them a virtual tour they can go through alongside their family or roommates, giving the client an opportunity to pick out a property whilst hearing the opinions of people they trust.Clients can, alongside family members and such, experience the atmosphere and other details of a property that are difficult to convey through photos and videos alone, improving the speed and success rate of closing deals.

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