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Customer Voice #1


“With short notice my team had 90 single family homes under contract to purchase and we were scrambling to find a quick way to catalog all of the homes for our lender and investors. I reached out to my old partner Matterport for help but was disappointed to see that their technology had not improved in such a way that I could photograph an entire house in less than 30 minutes.

After doing a little research I found RICOH360 Tours and was able to set up a zoom meeting with them that same day. I was quickly sold on their technology, and I was pleasantly surprised how affordable with just $45/month for unlimited listing compared to the over $1k monthly expense I had with Matterport. They were able to expedite my SC2 camera w/ tripod and 3 days later we were in the field inspecting roughly 20 houses per day and capturing everything on our RICOH camera in less than 10 min per home.

I am extremely grateful to the RICOH360 Tours team.”

Customer Voice #2


Matthew James Davis

Estate Media Services
Matthew James Davis

“My name is Matthew J Davis, owner and Photographer at Estate Media Services. We are a luxury Real Estate Photography Company in northern Los Angeles County.

When 3D Tours first started gaining traction in the Real Estate Media Market, there were few choices for a 3D Tour system. Matterport was the choice for many; however, the high cost combined with the proprietary system and expensive hosting meant an expensive add-on in a highly competitive market. When RICOH360 Tours launched in the 3D Tour Market it revolutionized hosting.

The RICOH360 Tours takes photos in JPG, that can be edited using any mainstream editing tool to give photos that polished look. In addition, the RICOH360 Tours has unlimited hosting. For me, that means that I can leave up past properties for examples; and the Agents can too. It also means no constant follow up with clients to find out which properties have sold, freeing up valuable time.

RICOH360 Tours was the one system that solved all of the problems with the 3D Tour Market. It’s reasonably priced, allows unlimited customization of artistic expression, and has unlimited hosting. They are the only system I use.”

A virtual tour created by Matthew James Davis

Customer Voice #3


“I had been on the fence about adding virtual tours to my list of available services for a long time, and as a one-man company, I was struggling to find a system that I was able to add into my current workflow and still manage my time effectively. I spent a lot of time doing my research, and compared every option out there, from Matterport to Insta360 and others, and in every category, RICOH360 Tours edged out its competition.

I am extremely impressed with how simple it is to deploy the camera on site. I am able to set up, shoot a tour for a 2500 square foot home, pack up the camera and be on my way in about 20 minutes. I love all the extra added features, like the ability to extract 2D photos directly from the tour, and the AI video maker is a great advertising tool that makes it simple to create an eye-catching highlight reel. The RICOH360 Tours app and the website are very user friendly and easy to navigate. In no time at all, I felt like a seasoned pro effortlessly building tours and delivering them to satisfied clients.

Oh, and let us not forget the price, at under $50 per month for a single user like me, RICOH360 Tours really takes this category by a landslide! So excited to see what this amazing product can continue to do for my brand!”

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