RICOH360 Tours Referral Program

What is the RICOH360 Tours Referral Program?

The RICOH360 Tours Referral Program is a referral system that allows customers to introduce RICOH360 Tours to their friends and acquaintances, and both the referrer and the recipient of the referral will receive a discount.

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A team member who has a paid RICOH360 Tours plan can become a referrer and introduce RICOH360 Tours to someone who has not yet used the service.

When the referee starts using the paid plan, the referee will receive a discounted rate and the referrer will be given a credit balance equal to the discounted rate, which will be used for the next payment.

Any member of a team with a paid plan can become a referee and get credit balance as many times as they want.
Please note that you can only receive one discount as a referrer per team.

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Notes on the Referral Program

If you invite a new user to RICOH360 Tours through the Referral Program (hereinafter referred to as the "Program") and the new user completes a paid subscription to RICOH360 Tours, both you and the new user will receive a discount on the usage fee. The team of the customer who invites the new user becomes the "referrer" and the team of the new user who receives the invitation becomes the "referee".

  • The referrer must be an owner, administrator or member of a paid RICOH360 Tours team to be eligible for this program.
  • Only first-time users (with no registered email address) of RICOH360 Tours (whether on a paid or free plan) are eligible to become a referee for this program.

  • As soon as a referee completes a paid subscription to RICOH360 Tours via the link in the invitation email, both the referrer and referee will receive a credit balance.
    The referee will use the first service fee upon completion of the paid plan application at a discounted rate based on the credit balance.  The referrer will use the credit balance on the next subscription payment.

  • A credit balance can be used in conjunction with coupons issued in separate campaigns. However, if a coupon is used, the credit balance will be discounted from the amount of the coupon.

  • If the referrer has deleted the team that created the email invitation by the time the referee signs up from the link in the email invitation they received, an error page will be displayed and they will not be able to sign up.

  • If the referrer has deleted the team that created the email invitation by the time the referee pays for the plan, the referee will only receive a discount on the subscription fee.

  • Referees must not publish or distribute the invitation e-mails they receive in places where they can be seen by an unspecified number of people (including online places such as social networking sites). In the event of any other fraudulent, abusive, or unjustified channels of referral, we may, at our sole discretion, disqualify you from participation in the Program and void any discounts already given and any credit balance granted.

  • The credit balance for a team cannot be used on another team. Please note that credit balances on a team will disappear when that team is deleted.

  • A Credit balance will not be exchanged for money or refunded for any reason.

  • We may, at any time and in our sole discretion, terminate, cancel, suspend, or modify the Program without prior notice.

Take advantage of the referral program and save more on RICOH360 Tours!

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